Interior Signs

We’re the leading interior signage source for large and small businesses through Charlotte, Lake Norman and Triad areas.  We’ve designed, produced and installed thousands of interior sign applications. An Interior Sign is defined as a graphic design, symbol, emblem, or word used as identification or an advertisement in the inside of a building, office, shop, etc. There are many different categories of interior signage such as branding, informational, directional, identification, and regulatory as well as many more.  Our most popular interior signage option include cut acrylic, logos and lettering, brushed aluminum and metal letters, acrylic dimensional signs, full-color digital prints and vinyl applications.

Interior Signs Defined

  • Branding signs are often dimensional and are used to promote a certain company. They can be made from a variety of materials and usually help to emphasize the space or feel of the company.
  • Informational signs give you a sense of general location such as maps, dictionaries, and menus.
  • Directional signs are usually used in order to direct people in a certain way. For example, they typically contain directions of some sort like where the bathrooms are. Directional signs follow ADA guidelines.
  • Identification signs are used in areas that do not usually change their use and must follow ADA guidelines and have Braille or tactile lettering as well as other regulation lettering, characters and proportions.
  • Regulatory signs mainly have to do with safety concerns. They follow local codes and regulations. ADA Guidelines follow the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.