How LED Signs Can Drive Traffic to Your Business

Not everyone has all the room for advertising that they might normally want. You might be squeezed into a small building, or not have much room out front for a sign, or be facing any number of similar problems. There’s never quite enough space for everything you want to do.

Well, if space is at a premium and you want to get the most messages out to customers as you possibly can, an LED window display unit can be the answer to all your needs. These little boxes are small enough to fit in any window – or above your counter – need only pennies of energy to run, catch the eye of all passers-by, and can hold as many messages as you can think of!

How many ways can an LED window display unit help you? Let’s take a look!

– Announce your latest sales and discounts right in the window, so that anyone passing by will be able to see what you have on offer.

For convenience stores, they’re great for announcing the current lottery jackpot amounts and winning numbers, which keeps people coming back for more cards.

– Got a lot of overstock? It’s time for a FLASH SALE! and a list of some of the hot items that you have to move right now.

– Does your business have a small, revolving set of specialists, such as at a hair salon? Let people know which of your artists are at work today!

– Trigger impulse buys. Remind people that now would be a great time for a Snickers and a Coke.

– Tell the world what your Twitter name is and encourage them to Tweet you. (In fact, with a little extra software, you could even set it up to show live Tweets!)

– Tell jokes or little stories. Seriously. If you get people to stop and read what the window display unit is saying for more than a moment, they’re much more likely to stop in.

– Show weather, stocks, sports scores, or any other live information that potential customers might be interested in.

– Grab even more attention with a multicolored LED window display unit, guaranteed to make any message look bright and attractive!

Plus, on top of that, they’re extremely simple to install and program. Simple Windows software, compatible with virtually any computer still found in use today, can be used to change up the messages at any time, from anywhere. You’ll never have to go slogging in the rain or snow to change your sign. Most of the time, it’s as simple as just typing in a new message from the comfort of your office.

So, if you don’t have a lot of space and you want to make the most of it, consider a LED window display unit. Between their low TCO, high visibility, and nearly infinite potential to speak to your customers, it’s a small investment that brings huge value.


Artisan Graphics has been a locally owned and operated company servicing the greater Charlotte, Lake Norman and Triad areas since 1993.  Artisan’s focus has always been on branding companies through in-house manufacturing and printing of logos on all types of products, from large outdoor signage to paper printing to apparel decorating, such as screenprint and embroidery.