Home Builders Beat High Advertising Costs with Directional Bandit Signs

Simply put. Directional bandit signs work great! With today’s increasingly high costs to advertise in local newspapers many real estate builders sellers have no choice but to use alternative methods to print advertising.

Proven effective for many years, these signs are an affordable effective form of advertising that has leaped to the forefront of advertising methods for the real estate builders, retail stores, as well as entrepreneurs.

Why do they work? Well just think… how many vehicles pull up to a intersection each day in a decent sized city. Two, three, four thousand. Or is it more on the order of ten of thousands.

While waiting for the traffic light, an occupant of a vehicle may have no choice but to read one of these signs. Whether a topic is of interest or not.

Unlike newspaper advertising where a prospect may or may not see an advertiser’s ad, a directional bandit sign commands attention. A passerby has no choice but to see it. And unlike other forms of advertising, the prospect can and will respond immediately, frequently on impulse, actually getting in front of the sales person instantly for information or purchase.

Statistically, these signs seen frequently on weekends, account for up to 70% of prospect visits to model homes in new communities.

Real estate directional bandit signs are located on the most frequently traveled routes to a community and may extend out as far as a 5 mile radius from a community.

Installed and removed consistently on specific routes each weekend, directional sign services often place up to 70 signs out each weekend for a community. Directional bandit signs usually located on the property, at reasonable intervals along roads, street intersections, and exit ramps off of highways. They provide visible consistent advertising as well as directional assistance to potential new home buyers.

Professionally designed and screen printed, directional bandit signs for real estate are made of corrugated plastic, and mounted on steel T-Bars, wood stakes or similar supports. The directional bandit signs are offered in a variety of sizes. Such as 24″ x 24″, 18″x24″, 12″x24″ in almost any color.

Directional bandit sign advertising is more effective and inexpensive when compared to newsprint advertising. Think of directional bandit signs as mini-billboards. Try directional bandit signs to grow your business. After all don’t politicians use this technique when running for local office.

Though very effective, before investing in this method of advertising make sure you check with your local city planning and zoning office for ordinances relating to your sign placement. Your city may have ordinance which limits the number of signs that can be placed or these signs may be prohibited altogether.

But, if you can use these signs for your business. Do it. The ROI is well worth it

– By Sterling Hall


Artisan Graphics has been a locally owned and operated company servicing the greater Charlotte, Lake Norman and Triad areas since 1993.  Artisan’s focus has always been on branding companies through in-house manufacturing and printing of logos on all types of products, from large outdoor signage to paper printing to apparel decorating, such as screenprint and embroidery.