Artisan makes an impact!

Over the past few months, Artisan Signs and Graphics has partnered with Caterpillar Ministries and the Make an Impact Foundation to help those in need within our community. This partnership has provided amazing opportunities for Artisan employees to give back and get involved. Earlier this year, Artisan donated a shed for Caterpillar Ministries to keep all of their summer camp supplies in one location. Next, we designed, printed, and donated 320 t-shirts for the summer camp that Caterpillar Ministries holds every year for low-income children in the community. Most recently, Artisan employees had the privilege of providing food and feeding 110 of those children attending a summer camp. It was a resounding success and gave us the chance to meet the people we are impacting in person.

Caterpillar Ministries is an organization that strives to change lives of local children and their families through activities and events in the community. They started in 2007 and have been able to reach hundreds of lives in the Lake Norman area. Caterpillar Ministries holds weekly programs and/or events, such as soccer tournaments, water activities, and tutoring sessions.

The Make an Impact Foundation (MAIF) promotes education and growth for children in impoverished areas as well as children with disabilities and/or disease. MAIF identifies needs of children in local communities and finds donor partners to help meet the need. Over the past five years, MAIF has been able to donate over $150,000 toward impacting lives of children in need as well as the community in which they live.

We are very thankful for the opportunity to work with Caterpillar Ministries and to continue our community involvement through the Make an Impact Foundation.  We are looking forward to our future as Artisan Makes an Impact!