Community Involvement

Artisan Signs and Graphics provides custom visual branding and marketing solutions through signage, graphics, apparel and promotional products. We pride ourselves in providing premium-quality products and professional services that set our clients apart from their competitors − our mission is to help you succeed. Our business depends on making you successful. We work with corporations, homebuilders, churches, large companies, small businesses and even local artists to develop stunning, high-quality projects.

We understand that your company’s image − your brand − is one of the most important aspects of a business’ existence. Image is the first thing seen by a client or customer and at Artisan, we strive to maximize your company’s visual potential and help promote the image that will bring you more business. We partner with clients to expand their visual impact by developing concepts for interior and exterior signage and brand beautification.

Artisan strives to make a positive impact by volunteering and sponsoring community-oriented projects for charitable organizations, churches and schools. We have been active partners with the Rotary Club for nearly two decades and have volunteered our time and expertise to strengthen ties with other businesses and our community as a whole.

We’ve made charitable gifts to the following organizations:

➢ Rotary Club

➢ Ace & TJ Grin Kids

➢ Little Smiles

➢ Stewards of the Game

➢ Hough High Booster Club

➢ One More Neighborhood

➢ Southlake Christian Academy

We look forward to our future partnership with Caterpillar Ministries.

Current project: Huntington Green


➢ Children aged 5 to 16 spend an average of 7.5 hours a day in front of a screen compared with around 3 hours in 1995.

➢ 5% of children from ages 5 to 18 are meeting the federally recommended amount of exercise per day (60 minutes per day).


The Make an Impact Foundation and Artisan Signs and Graphics are raising awareness and funds for the #NCKidsPlayProject where we bring playgrounds and play areas to local communities in North Carolina.

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