5 Ways for HOA’s to Improve Home Values in Their Neighborhoods

Updated: Dec 12, 2017

Research compiled by Newton Graham Consultants, a national economic forecaster, showed that the 1981/1982 housing downturn proved that the best looking neighborhoods had the best re-sale values for their homes.  The same data applies to the most recent housing downturn as evident by looking at homes in well maintained areas show a greater retention of home owners and a greater return on investment.  A well-maintained landscape is an obvious benefit to a neighborhood but in this article we will look at 5 ways that Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and Property Owners Associations (POAs) have found to keep up their property values through the use of community signage.

Wayfinding and Traffic Control Signs

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A wonderful way for a community to provide a prestigious and well maintained look is to use decorative traffic control signs.  Many options exist from the different finial tops to the different wraps around the base of the poles, to the scrolls and brackets.  Even the size of the pole makes a difference, typically from 2.5″ to 5″, where the larger the pole is, the more pronounced the sign looks. Black is most often the color of choice for the hardware but it is unique to go with another neutral color.  Consistency within the community is key, particularly with logos, colors, styles, scrolls, bases and finials.

Most decorative traffic control parts are powder coated and thus should have a lifespan of 5-10 years.  They do need to be repainted occasionally and signs may also need to be replaced over time due to wear.
If your neighborhood has any DOT style (galvanized metal) street posts, it is highly encouraged to upgrade to a decorative style post.  The look will quickly upgrade the appearance of the neighborhood.


Artisan also offers Community Decorative Sign Restoration, a cost effective way to bring your posts, panels and hardware back to a like-new finish. We have developed a proprietary system that includes the cleaning, sanding, surface prep and durable epoxy coating blend that will provide your signs and posts a beautiful finish for years. We are able to restore: street signs, stop signs, light poles, speed limit signs, and back plates.

Monument Signs

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Monument signs are one of the first things that a newcomer sees upon entering your neighborhood and often one of the most important.  Stone and brick monuments are popular and long lasting but make sure to use aluminum faces and letters.  Even with aluminum, there are different coats that can be applied (from powder coating to baked enamel to regular paint) that all have different life spans so make sure you know what your maintenance costs will be.

Another popular option for entrance signs are sandblasted or routed signs.  These signs will typically need to be repainted every 5-7 years if you want to keep them looking fresh.  They can be made from Cedar or Redwood, which would be the most durable to being made from a high-density urethane, which is a less expensive, less durable, but good alternative depending on the situation. View our completed monument sign projects here.

Changeable Signs

Changeable signs are very popular right now with associations and self managed neighborhoods.
Slide in frames, cork board, white boards or any kind of sign that allows changeable copy is a great way to get out information that is going on within a community.

Staying with the same look and feel of the other signs is encouraged and possible. There are also options for different types of security depending on who will be allowed to change the information.


Safety and informational Signs

Information signs can range from identification, safety, warning and announcement signs to “No trespassing” to “No fishing” to “No Parking.” Even a few well placed Dog Walking Stations can go a long way! Consistency within the development is the key to deciding on what to do with these signs.  If the consistency is there, the only limits on the quantity of these signs would be the cost of maintenance. Rarely would you say there are too many good looking and well-maintained signs, however the maintenance budget should also be considered before another neighborhood sign is added.


Within neighborhoods, it has been proven that home values are higher and more consistent in subdivisions where the mailboxes are all the same style and type.  Mailboxes can range from $100 to $750  but the price of each can be less important than the consistency of each.

 For neighborhoods with the same mailboxes, tenants should be informed of what vendor can replace them if they are damaged or need to be updated. Typically paint and vinyl numbers are all that are needed and should be required of tenants every 5-7 years.
These are 5 areas that we hope you can maintain or have installed effectively for the results you desire in your neighborhood.  Please don’t hesitate to call us as a consultant or potential vendor for your next community signage project.

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